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petconnection - Welcome to our site entirely dedicated to this fascinating and beautiful animal that is the terrestrial hermit Bernard (with the scientific name Coenobita sp.), one of the few crustaceans to live most of his life on the mainland!

Surveying coastal tropical beaches and forest areas, it is found in the four corners of the world. Playing a crucial role in cleaning the beaches, he most often enjoys life in community, the colonies that sometimes reach hundreds of members! Featuring shimmering and varied colours depending on the species, the Coenobita is an exciting animal to raise with real social relationships between individuals.

Today, Bernard the terrestrial hermit being raised to the rank of pet (one should prefer the term "terrarium animal"), it is necessary to know it through its habits and needs, in order to keep it as best as possible in captivity. It is quite easy to keep it healthy in a terrarium but it is vital to know a number of basics essential to its maintenance.

Here you will discover its way of life and its biological functioning, its biotope and its distribution throughout the world, the different species and their characteristics as well as the basic advice to keep it in shape: how to arrange the terrarium, what are the basic care (food and water), how to choose the shells, how to react to a surface moult and many other tips and tricks ...

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