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If you are an active trader in the currency bitcon indonesia of the digital world and indeed take advantage of extreme price movements Bitcoin for-profit, the price of Bitcoin fluctuating course brings happiness itself. However, unlike the case if you are using Bitcoin as just like cash or fiat. If you redeem your money into Bitcoin one million and intends to spend it on the online site, you certainly do not want to diminish the value of your Bitcoin because Bitcoin prices suddenly plummeted. Bitcoin you have now can not pay Hard Disk 1 Terra that you want and eventually you have to buy extra bitcoin to cover the shortfall.

Bitcoin fluctuating prices was already a 'daily complaints Bitcoiners worldwide. Actually, what factors are affecting the fluctuation in the price of Bitcoin? Not a few people who allocate their assets in the form of digital currency as promised by certain companies that they will get profits many times. Tempted by an attractive offer, some investors put Bitcoin Indonesia in an investment company site without digging more information about the company. In the first month, Bitcoin theirs managed to multiply five-fold, and in the second month they put more Bitcoin again in the hope of getting more profit in the third month. Investors are buying Bitcoin to more than 1 billion rupiah per person, and they continue to buy Bitcoin Bitcoin world until finally price increases. With large capital, should the investors get huge profits. However, when the investors intend to take the money in the third month, the site suddenly inaccessible, and the company disappeared without a trace.

What is Bitcoin

The Bitcoin users now are mostly just a trader who plays Bitcoin as stocks and not Bitcoin users who actually use Bitcoin to transact or buy the necessities of life. Understandably into Bitcoin user is somewhat difficult for merchants that accept Bitcoin is still relatively small. It is probable that you have not been able to buy an apple at the supermarket closest to Bitcoin you got. And since Bitcoin technology is complex, not everyone can 'consume' Bitcoin is as easy as a programmer. Therefore, more and more people choose to be a trader and hoarder (people who bought up many Bitcoin when the price is still low and the numbers stored in the hope broke through $ 1000 / Bitcoin) for the sake of profit.

Ordinary people who do not understand very well about Bitcoin be greatly affected by a variety of positive and negative news media disseminated. While people who use Bitcoin as a trading tool without realizing the potential of the original as a world currency, will make the news as the basis for their trading decisions. Say for example, a Bitcoin day declared illegal in Indonesia or Mt GOX cases recur and now struck Coinbase. Of course people are going to sell Bitcoinnya at the same time as inedible fear and finally Bitcoin prices plummeted. Or perhaps there is good news as the Amazon Bitcoin payment receipt or the wishes of the investors of the world to transfer all its assets to Bitcoin. Of Bitcoin prices will go up drastically higher.

As a result of this case is that they will sell back the remaining Bitcoin them suddenly when bad things hit Bitcoin because they actually do not really understand about Bitcoin potential as a world currency. They only buy Bitcoin Indonesia because tempted by the offer profit from the investment company. It is probable also that the investors will spread the word that Bitcoin is a form of scam that needs to be avoided, but that cause harm is not a specific company Bitcoin system itself.

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