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Indonesia Furniture

Indonesia classic furniture style is one starting point in the design of furniture. The forces that have been born can provide inspiration and motivation for designers to create new styles of furniture in the future. Therefore, we will trace the history of furniture style is concise and packed.

roduk I offer this time is a product hand made furniture classic design fancy elegant and very classy with wood perhutani quality and the use of super material, ranging from wood in use as well as upholstery fabrics to the finishing process wear super material, selection of materials and production by us craftsmen Jepara furniture serta carving hands of the sculptor or an artist teak wood furniture carving a long experience in the Furniture field Jepara, of some of our production processes are always concerned with the best quality for consumers that consumers satisfied with our products so that we can be more keep products Jepara is already in known among the people of Indonesia and outside the country.

Design minimalist bed is made with the impression of calm and two wings which certainly adds a nice shape and antiques for length and also the width we provide in various sizes and if you have ideas or the right size for your room please contact costumer servir us it will be at Make a size bed minimalist teak corresponding reservation request. Furniture Jepara Indonesia furniture products that provide the best for you.

Indonesia Teak Furniture

We produce the whole furniture for domestic use and also for business related purposes. The model that we do include a modern classic furniture and minimalist. In addition to the standard model of the market, we also accept orders Special Order that orders with the design and specifications according to your needs and desires.

For the minimalist furniture with modern models, we have one other special website featuring product with the model. You can visit our website minimalist indoor teak furniture and view our current collection.

We used the main ingredient of teak and mahogany wood to make furniture orders of our customers, but also did not rule out the possibility for the use of materials other tropical timber species that can be used to manufacture furniture. there are few other than teak and indonesia furniture mahogany that has been widely used for the manufacture of furniture Jepara, among others, that most of the wood mango, durian, Mindi and fir.

In addition to wood, we also use other materials as a combination of models made furniture, such as a combination of wood with metal stainless steel or aluminum, and also the combination of rattan wood with natural or other synthetic materials.

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