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Take part in the frantic, adrenaline-packed action on Reaction time and aim are your most valuable assets in this classic first-person shooter. Move swiftly to avoid gunfire and shoot accurately to eliminate your adversary quickly. Instant game play is available, or you can select custom game types from the server menu.

Classes anchor.png Edit

Select one of the 11 classes available before a fight, including investigator, rocketeer, agent, runner, bowman, and hunter. Each class has a distinct look and attire. Each kind also has a unique primary and secondary weapon. For instance, the triggerman is armed with a handgun and an assault weapon. Become an expert in every class, or pick one that best fits your playing style.

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Weapons anchor.png Edit

In addition to the many class kinds, this game also features a wide variety of fantastic weapons. Pick from a variety of lethal weaponry, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and even akimbo uzis. Weapons could be evenly matched or possess a certain superior strength. For instance, the sniper rifle has a sight and strong firepower for quickly dispatching foes, but its effectiveness depends on having accurate aim.

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Maps anchor.png Edit

Numerous maps have been produced for Krunker by both the game's creators and players. There are hundreds of different maps available as a consequence of user-submitted map projects. The map designs are quite creative. You can play on anything, including ancient Aztec pyramids and jagged lava landscapes.

The social section, which features leaderboards and other metrics, is the final place where gamers may monitor their performance. With your FPS gaming abilities, try to climb the scoreboard right now.

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Launch Date anchor.png Edit

The June 2018 edition of Krunker features ongoing content updates.

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