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It's not easy to figure out what's hidden on a Wikipedia page when you use Redactle because the information has been covered up. Redactle is perfect for you if you like playing the Wikipedia Game in the past.

What exactly is the Redactle? anchor.png Edit

There are many Wordle clones, many of them are built on the exact same premise but exhibit a different topic. Some of these Wordle clones even have their own name. Others, while also using the '-dle' suffix, come up with something entirely new and original. One example is the game Heardle, in which players try to identify a song by listening to only a portion of it.

The goal of Redactle is to get you to guess a random Wikipedia article by providing you with a list of multiple terms. It's possible that this will be the game's most challenging iteration yet. You have to make educated guesses about the terms that have been suppressed in order to figure out what article you are reading. It is quite challenging when you first begin since you don't have anything to go on, but as you continue to fill in more words and gain an understanding of what the piece is about, it becomes less challenging.

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