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I'm the hermit, a little crustacean. I have paws and claws like crab. But the rest of my body is all soft! So I steal shells. I live in the sea, near the shore. You can find me in Brittany, but I also live in tropical countries. [[what do hermit crabs drink>]]
''Practice Shell''
I'm protecting my soft body in empty shells. I hang on the inside with my four hind legs. And to walk? I've got my four legs.
to the Shelter!
I saw a nasty cuttlefish. It's a mollusk, like a little octopus. I go into my shell and put my claw right in front of the entrance. This clamp is bigger than the other.
Change House
I often have to change my house because I grow up. I found a bigger shell. Hop! I'm going in very fast. Outside, I am helpless ...
I also know how to climb!
In the West Indies, I also climb the bushes. Because I like the small leaves. But before I fill my shell with a water supply!

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