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 +Some of the users WHO put in the June eleven, 2019 additive updates on Windows ten version 1809 and Windows ten version 1803 discovered that the primary boot once the update all over up with a black screen. At that point, the sole workaround for this was to force-restart the device, [[]] because the system shod  properly on the second try.
 +The additive updates introducing this behavior were KB4503327 for Windows ten version 1809 and KB4503286 for Windows ten version 1803.
 +“We area unit investigation reports that alittle variety of devices [[]] could startup to a black screen throughout the primary logon once putting in updates,” Microsoft in brief aforesaid at that time once acknowledging the matter.
 +Issue finally resolved
 +Now the difficulty has finally been resolved once nearly four months with the discharge of additive updates KB4519978 for Windows ten version 1803 and KB4520062 for Windows ten version 1809. Microsoft explains the subsequent the changelogs of the 2 new updates:
 +“Updates a difficulty which may show a black screen at startup throughout the primary register once putting in associate degree update. Improves associate degree access management list (ACL) check for better-known Folders to forestall a black screen that seems the primary time a user signs in once putting in a feature or quality update.”
 +However, note that today’s additive updates for Windows ten area unit [[]] solely offered as manual downloads, which means that users got to head over to Windows Update and check for updates manually. All enhancements, however, are enclosed within the next spherical of automatic updates for Windows ten enclosed within the Gregorian calendar month Patch Tuesday.
 +As per Microsoft’s schedule, successive spherical of Patch Tuesday additive updates is projected to ship on Gregorian calendar month twelve.

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