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Human Bubble Suit is also named as “bubble ball”. It is very popular for outside sports. It is suitable for both children or adults. Human Bubble Ball is what teams get together to play football or soccer wearing giant bubbles , allowing them to bump, roll and flip over whilst trying to score a goal.

We have TPU and PVC materials. TPU has higher strength and higher toughness than PVC, so that the weight load is different. TPU is odorless but PVC has a bad odor especially under hot conditions, so TPU is more favorable to the environment. TPU life is longer than that of PVC, due to its resistance to oxidation.

The goods will be shipped within 10 days as soon as we receive the payment. For most items less than 100kgs, they will be shipped by courier, door to door service.Our Cooperation Courier is DHL or Fedex. For the special infatable products in hundreds of kilograms (more than 100kg ) , we propose sea shipment, slower but more economical.


We are professional manufacturer and supplier of human bubble suit. OEM/ODM are accepted. Have fun with this great game!

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Tel : (+1)215-764-6161 (USA)

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